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The always trending fashion world has witnessed the rise of new styles and patterns in almost all sectors and amongst all age groups. From fashionable tunics to stylish kurtas, every piece of clothing comes in plenteous of designs. But there are numerous factors that affect one’s fulfillment with the ready made suits that are available. Sometimes you may compromise on the colour or shade, quality, design or price factor. But what if the material of your choice was available to you to design and stitch as per your own taste and conditions? It will help you dazzle like never before.
At Pothys, we bring you here unstitched chudidhar material that you may want to consider getting stitched for a grand occasion. This splendid material with a minimal design is going to make an eye-catching for office and casual social gatherings. Stitch a signature style salwar or a Patiala salwar, the outfit will draw attention to elegant you.