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Uppada Silk sarees originates from a townnamed Uppada in the East Godavari region of Andhra Pradesh. Also known as Uppada Pattu (Silk in Telugu), Uppada Silk sarees are made from the traditional Jamdani method.

Known for the exclusive designs in them, Uppada sarees are generally made with a cotton warp. Using only non-mechanical techniques, Uppada Silk sarees are measured by the length and breadth count of threads. The artisans also use tons of zari work in the gorgeous designs of Uppada Silk sarees.

If you want to discover the history of Uppada Silk, you need to first trace the journey of the Jamdani weaving technique. Jamdaniprepared in Uppada has two weavers operative on a single loom and entwiningbeautiful and lovely motifs on the fabric the use of zari. As this art done solely by hands, it takes two painstaking months before an excellent piece of work is finished.

TheJamdani weaving process is exceedingly difficult in the initial phase sincetraining the weavers with the complex skills of hand-weaving involves time. Now the weaving community acquire the designs and raw materials and create Jamdani Uppada Silk sarees at their places. Through its magnificent look and lightweight nature, Uppada Silk sarees are amongst the most luxurious varieties of Silk sarees in the planet.

Uppada Silk sarees are held in excessiveadmirationall over the globe and are seen as one of the top donors to India’s textile histories. It’s time to look ravishing with your own unique wardrobe collection of uppada silks and flaunt your style on every occasion.

Given the price tag of the sarees, Uppada Silk sarees are used mainly during events of weddings, festivals and formal gatherings. Buy Uppada Silk Sarees Online and experience the comfort of the drape all throughout the year.