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Paithani silk sarees hold a precious place in the trousseau of a bride. Representing the spirit of true culture, the ‘Queen of Silks are called so truly since only royals and aristocrats once be dressed in it.

Initially, the raw silk threads are dyed using natural dyes got from vegetables, minerals, plants, and rocks. They are then moved to the reels, which are loaded onto the loom. The groundwork of the loom, which takes a whole day, is probably the most difficult part of the weaving process, as this will regulate the design, color, and finer details of the finished product. The weaver then sits down to create the Paithani saree through a careful hand, foot, and eye synchronization – a process that could take him somewhere from a month to two years. A specific color thread is used length-wise and another color is used width-wise during weaving. Therefore, an original saree also does a play of color as light reflects off it and the saree seems to change its color.

As Paithani sarees online are woven from naturally dyed threads, you can usually find them only in elementary colors like red, yellow, sky blue, magenta, green, peach-pink and purple. Each saree usually has two governing colours – one on the saree and the other on the border and pallu.

 Though Paithani sarees often feature buttis on the body, the highlight is always the border and pallu. Popular pallu motifs comprisemor (peacock),munia/ tota-maina (parrot-maina), bangadimor (bangle with four peacocks and lotus Ajanta lotus, koyari (mango shape)asavali (vines and flowers), andakruti (almond shape). You can also find motifs of musical instruments like tabla, shehnai, tanpura and sambalon these sarees. On the borders, you will frequently see narali (coconut) and pankha (fan shape) motifs.