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The Nine Yards Silk Saree is a traditional saree type from India, and also called the Nauvari or Lugade saree, this saree is distinguished by the length of the fabric, which spreads to nine yards and Ten yards long as matched to the conventional 6-yard length.

Nine Yards, 10 Yards Silk Sarees Online tend to be broader and thicker than other saree types. They are very religiously and culturally significant, particularly in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. At the same time, the 9-yard saree is also coming back into fashion as an elegant piece of vintage clothing that young girls and modern women love to wear, especially for festivals and ceremonies.

This length of saree is also widely used in south India, specifically for ceremonial occasions and weddings. These are measured the most traditional sarees and since they are earmarked for special occasions, they usually come with more intricate designs and are made of luxurious fabrics.

Kancheepuram silk and Mysore silk are the preferred fabrics for 9 yards’ sarees from this region. These fine fabrics are chosen not just for the gold tint and lustrous appearance; their thickness makes them suitable for garments worn without any inner pieces like blouses. The 9 yards silk saree is considered a very significant status symbol in the south. The most traditional kinds come with temple borders, bright colours and arresting zari borders.

Pothys 9 yards saree collection will boast a lot more varieties in terms of colors, fabrics, and designs than traditionally seen. Though the classic palette of red, yellow, green and blue continues to be the most popular, you’ll also find fun variations of red, orange and pink.

Thus, the saree modestly drapes the woman but at the same time offer an unprecedented level of comfort because of the unique trouser style. When draped traditionally, the Madisar Saree allows a lot of flexibility of movement while still following tradition and culture.