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Buy Kancheepuram Silk Without Blouse

Kancheepuram silk sarees are one of the most desired sarees in India as the handwoven Kancheepuram silk has a quality and feel like no other fabric in India. Kancheepuram silk is made by weaving and twisting yarns of silk which makes any garment produced with this fabric extremely sturdy.

 They last a lifetime or longer when taken care of well and are exceptionally elegant. This garment stands out from other sarees mostly because of the contrast among the borders and the rest of the colours or patterns on the fabric of the Kanjivaram silks.

Silk sarees in Kancheepuram are famous all over the world and are worn most regularly in south Indian states such as Tamil Nadu. Some of the Kanchipuram wedding sarees are also entwined with gold cloth, however; those are set aside for special occasions mostly and are not worn for informal events.

Exclusive Themes & Motifs on Kancheepuram Sarees

Some of the most common Wedding silk sarees themes and motifs that are used on a Kancheepuram saree are nature-inspired, comprising the moon, the sun, a few stately chariots, majestic peacocks, lions, coins, swans, parrots flying or sitting on branches leaves from diverse plants and mangoes. Another common recurrent motif is a jasmine bud that is at the centre of a square.

 One of the excellent thing about wearing Kancheepuram sarees is that they add a large amount of sophistication to your overall look as the fall of the saree and the pallu is extremely straight and has a sturdy, stiff look to it. Enjoy a wide variety of Kancheepuram silk Sarees Online from Pothys. Buy Kanchipuram silk sarees and make every occasion an iconic one with the all unique Kanjeevaram Silks.