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Looking for exquisitely designed sarees for a grand wedding or a formal party? Head to Pothys and discover the beautifully and seamlessly crafted Maheshwari Sarees. 

Maheshwari sarees are a mix of silk and cotton, handwoven in Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh. They date back to the 18th century when Queen Ahilyabai Holkar ordered craftsmen to design special 9-yard sarees. Initially exclusive to noblewomen, these sarees are now widely popular both domestically and internationally. 

Maheshwari saree designs are inspired by the adornments on the walls of the Maheshwar Fort, featuring Chatai (mat), Chameli ka phool (chameli flower), Eent (brick), and Heera (diamond) motifs.

Maheshwari sarees originally used pure silk, but they evolved to include pure cotton and a silk-cotton blend. (with silk thread in the warp and cotton in the weft).

Maheshwari sarees were once only available in deep shades but now come in lighter hues with gold and silver threads. Popular colors include grape green, rani pink, and purple. Moreover, they are dyed with vegetable-based dyes.

Maheshwari sarees usually have a simple body with stripes or checks in various styles, some of which are well-known by their distinct names. The Chandrakala and Baingani Chandrakala represent plain Maheshwari sarees, while Chandra Tara, Beli, and Parbi are examples of striped and checked varieties.

Maheshwari sarees have a reversible border that allows the wearer to choose either side. The border is so well-crafted that it looks the same on both sides, making it difficult to differentiate the front from the back. To ensure authenticity, look for the signature reversible border, known as 'Bugdi' in the local dialect.

Maheshwari sarees come in silk and cotton, making them versatile for both casual and formal occasions. They're suitable for weddings, parties, conferences, and religious festivals and can make anyone look elegant. Plus, they're lightweight and can be worn comfortably all year round.

Maheshwari cotton sarees are an enduring and essential item in your wardrobe, suitable for any event to create a memorable style statement. Pothys is the ideal destination for anyone in search of fashionable attire, whether for a special event or everyday wear. With an extensive range of handwoven sarees, including Maheshwari Sarees and pure cotton options, you're sure to find a stunning piece that will help you make a statement wherever you go.