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The Kuppadam sarees are a distinctive combination of a silk cotton body and a pure silk border woven with zari. These exquisite sarees are crafted by skilled weavers in the village of Kuppadam, located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The notable characteristic of these sarees is that the border and body are woven individually and then merged together through korvai weaving, resulting in a light and airy silk cotton body complemented by the shimmering silk zari border. 

The Kuppadam silk sarees typically feature sacred, temple, or animal motifs on their borders, making them ideal for religious ceremonies and puja occasions. These handloom sarees are created through diligent labor, and they feature a distinctive interlocking pattern. The border is the focal point of the Kuppadam pattu saree. Its wide box design with multiple colors is ideal for pooja events.

Kuppadam silk/cotton sarees are a lavish and traditional garment that imparts an elegant ethnic appearance. These sarees have a splendid sheen and gloss, which maintains their newness with every wear. They are versatile and can be worn during the day or night. Kuppadam pattu sarees are highly popular and have a strong demand. Their unique border, adorned with zari work, enhances their allure and charm.

Pothys offers a diverse range of colors such as calming greens and blues, warm shades like red, orange, and yellow, bright pinks, coffee-inspired browns, and neutrals. You can choose from plain sarees with minimal designs or opt for those featuring a combination of paisleys, checks, and zari buttas. With a wide array of color combinations and patterns, you can easily find the perfect saree to match your festive mood. You can browse through our exclusive range of Kuppadam cotton sarees online and indulge in the charm of a classic and captivating era of saree collections.