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For many centuries, Indian handloom sarees have been a part of the country's culture and tradition. While they come in all sorts of varieties, one of the more popular ones is the Kalamkari cotton saree. In this article, we'll explore Pothys and its speciality in providing these sarees which will surely make you want to add them to your wardrobe!

Pothys has a wide variety of kalamkari cotton sarees that are perfect for any occasion, whether it is a formal event or a casual get-together.


The different types of kalamkari cotton sarees that Pothys has to offer are:


  1. Handloom Kalamkari Cotton Sarees: These sarees are made on a loom by skilled artisans. The fabric is carefully hand-painted with natural dyes and the sarees are finished with intricate detail.


  1. Block Print Kalamkari Cotton Sarees: As the name suggests, these sarees feature block printing which is a traditional printing technique where wooden blocks are used to create patterns on the fabric.


  1. Screen Print Kalamkari Cotton Sarees: Screen printing is a modern printing technique that uses a screen to transfer the design onto the fabric. This results in bold and vibrant colours that are perfect for making a statement.


  1. Batik Print Kalamkari Cotton Sarees: Batik is a traditional Indonesian dyeing method that uses wax resist to create patterns on the fabric. The wax is applied to the areas where no colour is desired and then the fabric is dyed. This results in beautiful and unique patterns on the saree.

The kalamkari cotton sarees at Pothys are truly a sight to behold. With their intricate designs, vibrant colours and comfortable fabric, these sarees make the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for an elegant evening look or something more casual and everyday appropriate, the kalamkari cotton sarees at Pothys have it all. Buy Trendy kalamkari Cotton Saree Online from Pothys and bring home one of these beautiful creations!