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Silk Cotton saree is a combination of pure silk and cotton are woven together, giving life to a blissful sicosaree. These are widely known as silk cotton sarees among the people of Tamilnadu. This saree with slight modifications is styled by women in Telegana and they call it as Sico – Gowdasaree in that region.

Sicosarees are weightless and can be worn effortlessly. As it is a cotton mixed silk saree, the drapery looks very pleasing and elegant with the sculpted pleats. And it is easily manageable as the fabric of the saree stays intact as we styled it in the morning.

As most of us are working women, our preferences would be comfortability with an ample amount of variations looking elegant to human eyes! These fancy silk cotton sarees are the best option for all the working women out there. These sarees are available in vibrant colors, intricate designs, geometric patterns, simple color composure, and many other variants. This will just be a treat to all the eyes gazing and yet adds a professional look to the whole attire.

These fancy sicosarees can be used as office wears regularly. As the saree is made of silk, it also gives out a grandeur effect with stunning colors and designs on it. This saree will let you experiment with creative and contrasting blouse designs, which will make the saree stand out distinctively. You can also buy silk cotton Sarees online and consume your valuable time traveling to stores looking for this beautiful saree of excellence.