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2018-07-18 10:39:46 Published In Apparel

Chariot – A Divine Journey.

Saree being the most traditional and celebrated clothing, it is the quintessential Indian garment for women. The art of weaving for our national costume ‘saree’, with its intricate designs is originated from South India and we take the pride to weave chariot motifs in the saree.



It’s high time to finally get a break from the sweltering heat, because AADI is around the corner and the shopping soul is set out free to enjoy the raining offers from Pothys. 


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July Must haves

It’s time to dance in the rain again, let us enjoy the pre-monsoon period with shopping all new fashion statements to fill in our wardrobe. Seasons change, but love for shopping and draping never changes. Here is our July must haves to embrace yourselves.


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Professional Outfits

As women in India advance in their careers, but dressing up for such a position is still a struggle for many. Dressing up for work shows how important is your work and that’s how other will perceive you.


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