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No other fabric comes close to Khadi Fabric. Cotton sarees are the most favoured form of clothing. This is mainly due to its rich texture, soft feel and protecting qualities. It is relatively easy to making and has a lot of uses in industries other than the fabric industry.

Shop now for an élite collection of authentic Khadi sarees from Pothys. Khadi is generally made out of cotton. It is a handspun, natural fibre material made in the sub-continent region. It is also well-known as khaddar. The speciality of this cloth is, it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter making it one of the premium fabrics materials to choose from. Khadi is likewise made using silk and wool and named Khadi silk and woollen Khadi. It has a rugged texture and a comfy feel. Creating fabric involves two steps, converting the fibre into yarn by spinning wheels also identified as Charka and weaving the yarn to get a final product which is fabric. There are a range of designs available in khadi sarees including but not limited to temple border sarees, pompom border sarees etc. Also, the Kalamkari blouse is an excellent addition to your wardrobe to match it.

Cotton sarees are appropriate for office wear, every day wears as well as party wear. The market for cotton sarees has lingered with designer sarees and handloom cotton hitting the shelves. Stylists and fashion designers are driving in efforts to promote the cotton gorgeous look. Buy Khadi Saree Online and stand out on any given occasion.