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Dupion silk saris are made with combinations of two different silk threads namely Mulberry silk and Dupion silk. .  Dupion silk is raw silk mostly weaved plainly without any intricate designs. Mulberry silk is the purest quality silk clarified from the Bombyx mori moths. These silks are transparent, odourless, and naturally derived. Researchers found that these silks possess sericin – an innate protein that prevents from causing any allergic reactions.

The designs of Dupion silk sarees are very light but involve multiple color patterns in the borders. These contrasting shades escalate the look of the saree and add a grandeur edge to the saree. Dupion silk is a crispy and heavy fabric generally woven by merging other shades of threads to bring out the design work in the borders. 

The whole composure of the saree is mild and looks soothing to people's eyes. As the fabric has a gleamy tone it can refract both artificial and natural light elegantly. If you are looking for a saree that gives you both a professional and elite look to wear for any special occasion? The best choice is the dupion silk saree which fulfils all your glam requirements.

Maintaining a silk saree is always a mission for all the ladies. Dupion Sarees are easy to maintain and have a prolonged lifespan. Buy Dupion silk Sarees online with Pothys which offers you a wide range of collections. As summer is approaching these Dupion silk Sarees are valuable essentials for every woman as it has the medicinal abilities which can protect us from allergens, sunburns, infections caused due to sweat in this steaming weather. Why wait! A simple yet ravishing Dupion saree is just a few clicks away to be yours.