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Banaras silk sarees are still considered to be one of the premium traditional saris. It has been well known for its weaving and gold as well as silver brocade of ‘Zari‘. The special features of these sarees are their designs, which are Mughal inspired. We can find many sarees decorated with intricate floral and foliate designs.

Banarasi silk has its roots deep in the rich traditional history of India. Formerly crafted solely for the royalty, each Banaras saree was fashioned from real gold and silver threads and even a whole year to finish it.

There are over four important varieties of Banaras Sarees currently. Banaras silks are the most significant ones. Besides, there will be variants such as Organza and Kora with silk as well as “zari”. According to the motifs and designs, those Banaras silks can be divided into various segments. These segments rest upon the designs.

Banaras silk Sarees is an unmatched example of brilliant artistry. Mughals carried this fine craftsmanship in India. Mughals also tried their best to elevate the art of weaving and designing. During this process, they encouraged a few craftsmen to work in the intricate art of weaving. It was the foundation of Sari weaving art. In adding to that Persian motifs were being merged up with the Indian customary attire.

Banaras Silks Sarees online are the product of this specific mix up of two diverse cultures and the exemplary zeal of Mughals. The art and culture of making Banaras Sarees with silks are from old. The passing down the culture of the skill of the Banaras saris from one generation to another for many generations. Persian motifs were being added with the designs of Indian silk for making this unique flowery pattern of Banaras silk Sarees, which create hype in present days.