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Come explore the beauty of the Indian 'sari' with us! If you're from India, then you live and breathe sarees. They are a staple in your wardrobe; you want to collect as many as you can. Sarees come in all shades, they can be made from different materials, and they have a wide range of prices. From colorful silk saris to thread zari ones there are so many experiences you can have with a piece of fabric for women wrapped around their body!

India is a diverse country, and it has become known for its sarees, particularly silk ones. There are so many different designs, patterns, colors, and styles. India's sarees have been given as gifts to foreign royalty such as Queens Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and Catherine II of Russia. The weaving techniques and fabrics used in these can be traced back for centuries.


Wedding silk sarees can be worn at various formal and personal events. In southern parts of India, where the purity of silk is the lifestyle way of life, you can see women wearing kancheepuram korvai, tissue, koorai and designer sarees. However, in northern India Banarasi silk is traditionally a bride's wedding dress, so a majority of people wear it during their weddings. South Indian silks are also relatively popular there, and in many parts of Southern India you can often find people wearing a south Indian silk saree if they're not wearing a Pure Kanjivaram, Uppada or Silk Saree.

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The purity of our silk saree online is revealed with their artistic excellence. It's hand-woven fabric with intricate work of zari is sure to help you glow when you wear it! This online collection of pure south silk sarees online on Pothys comes as an intriguing choice for a party saree or bridal wear. Whether it's semi-formal or formal circumstances, these sarees complement your happiness and glow on your face.

Wedding dresses are a significant part of a woman's wedding day look. A well-fitted dress can help you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world on your special day. South Indian soft silk sarees are an affordable and budget-friendly version of silk sarees. They make a toned-down option for weddings, but can also be worn for work and daytime events. Like any product, these south Indian bridal silks sarees are high quality and durable. You can purchase them as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or other significant life events.


Pair your pure silk sarees with gold jewelry, a neat hairstyle and a matching pair of heels for the perfect look. Accentuate the style with an elegant blouse that is traditionally stitched. A traditional Indian saree always has elegance about it, so don't forget to smile confidently and walk with pride.

Marry in style with six yards of elegance and beauty! Mix it up with a matching set of wedding flower jewellery, like jhumkas and a gold chain. Make your look perfect with the right hair and shoes. Bring out the best in you by wearing a traditional blouse with elbow sleeves or three-quarter sleeves. It doesn't have to be gold-colored though--you can get creative if you want!


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Traditional silk dresses are becoming increasingly popular across India. We've seen the number of people buying our silk sarees in and around the world.