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New wedding hue is blue

Gone were the days when brides opted for red and maroon for their wedding silks. There's no more "Colour me Red" brides.  Looks like 2016 brides will prefer ‘Blue’ for their wedding attires. Different shades of blues are going to occupy the wedding halls.  Different colors suit different occasions. If it is blue, then it is going to be perfect for all occasions.

Ranging from teal to aqua marine , the shades of blue are vast, that you’ll never fall out of choice. Pothys houses silk sarees in delightful blues , that brides will just sizzle on their wedding day. The intricately woven silk sarees from Pothys gives you wide options to decide on what kind of motifs you want.

The zari will simply accentuate grandeur on a silk saree in hues of blue. If you are the kind of person who is so much into nature, then motifs like banyan leaf motifs, floral motifs, vine motifs will definitely suit you. And when you wear what you love, you will simply shine!

If you are the ‘Antique yet Trendy “ types, then you will definitely love the asymmetric lines and zigzag lines on a silk saree.  You will sure be in trend and yet be ethnic, as how the occasion would want you to be. So decide on the motif which you’ll like and flaunt it like never before. For, it is going to be your special day. Real special day!

When you look pleasant in your wedding silk, make sure that you man steals the show too. It is anyways his special day also! Get him a suit that will best complement your blue wedding silk saree. A grey blazer with a blue tie or blue shirt, that can compliment your look will be a good choice to rock the show.

Also a saree embodying some embellishments, zari and motifs will go easy on the eye, of the crowd when you plan up for a themed wedding. To make this themed wedding work, let the flower girls and the bride’s maids wear clothes in complementing blues. If the bride wears a dark blue, then the rest of the aisle crowd can wear a muted blue. This way, the bride becomes the cynosure. Your wedding will last for ever in the memories of the crowd, when you have a blue themed wedding. It will look dreamy.

Like we always say, do not forget to wear the pretty smile of yours along! Keep your wedding blues at bay, once you decide the silk sarees hue to be “BLUE”!

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