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Wedding Collections at Pothys

Silk is considered as the fabric of the Lords and what better way to experience the bliss and bless rather than on your bridal day.

Wedding collections are always tricky but rest assured- at Pothys we lay your fears to rest as you take a walk with our exclusive wedding collections. This is the beginning of the breathtaking journey that you embark upon and it is the need of the hour to make the day fantastic with our wedding collections. Drench yourself in them and make the day a moment to remember.

Samudrika Pattu:

This is what we call in a word as a "Sarvalakshana Pattu" or a silk saree that has all the necessities of bringing the harmony and translucency to your home. The stunning craftsmanship you see in the silks are a story by itself and they will never cease to amaze the onlookers on your wedding day. The gold infused fabrics are a delight in the making and spend an ample time to choose between the types of fabric you would desire.

Parampara Pattu:

This is the definitive fusion of modernity with traditionalism. The colors and the designs and the splendor that goes into every silk thread brings out the customary flavor of every woman out to the world. The silk sarees can be the best embodiment on your wedding day and leave them in awe. Come explore more about this section in our online collections and feel like the princess that you were meant to be.

Muhurtham Collection:

This affluent collection is an indulgence to the womanhood. Each Muhurtham sarees are crafted with extreme perfection and have a stunning array of imprints on their zaris /borders. Grandeur is a word that cannot be fully explained until you get to know our Muhurtham collections. Once again, treat yourself to the myriad of colors that represent these sarees and plan ahead to make the shopping a wonderful experience.

Now that you have such wonderful wedding collection silks to choose from, choose the color that matches with your tone and the celebratory surroundings. Try out the ever effluent red or the imaginary hues of pink for the occasion. Try out some darker colors too if you want to highlight the gold and the jewelry. Irrespective of what you chose, at Pothys we always have the perfect collections that stand by you on your wedding day.

Take a wide look at our range of wedding Muhurtham sarees in our online portal and decide the sumptuousness yourself. Shine like a diva on you D- Day!

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