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Tips to guard your Expensive Designer Sarees

How long do you plan on your attires before a festive occasion or a wedding? We call it investing time on deciding ‘what to wear’.

When we invest in time, are we failing to remember that we invested on our expensive clothes too? Then comes a realization of maintaining the expensive clothes. With women, it is always about maintaining their silk sarees and the designer sarees. Here’s a blog exclusively on maintaining designer sarees.

The designer sarees come in various details. Some are made of embroideries. Some are made of sequins. Some have mirror works. Some are made with metallic borders and many elegant designs. So how does one decide on what kind of care to take for what kind of detailing? It totally depends on what kind of harm that the detailing can go through. For example, if it is an embroidery saree, the threads shouldn’t break off. And if it is a saree with a metallic border, care has to be taken to avoid oxidation on the metals.

Here are few tips on how to guard your expensive designer sarees

• Always wear your designer sarees after you are done with your makeup and hairdo so that you can avoid chemicals falling on your sarees.

• Never iron your sarees in high heat, especially if it has embroidery or mirror works.

• Avoid frequent washing and opt for dry cleaning if it involves tough stains.

• If it needs washing at home, liquid soap acts mild on sarees and the details. Also avoid wringing the sarees.

• Conditioning the saree depending on the fabric of the designer saree online is also vital.

• After every wear, dry your designer sarees in room temperature to let the sweat stains dry off.

• Store your designer sarees in cloth bags. This ensures the designer sarees don’t friction against the cupboard or any hard surface.

• When you add a brooch to your designer saree, ensure the pinpricks stay intact to avoid damaging the sarees.

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