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Saree has been the trendiest wear for Indian women, which make them look elegant, poised and graceful. Motifs in silk sarees may increase the beauty of the women and help them look royal and classy.

Elephant Motif is widely used pattern in Indian fabrics. It is a Weapon of war and came to symbolize the God of Warriors. In India, One can either glam up their attire with the elephant motif sarees which gives an elegant look and make them visible in the crowd.

Elephant Motif Sarees

Elephants in sarees make you royal. The elegance of an elephants walk is described among the kind of women by Vatsayana -- Gaja Gamini -- an analogy used to refer to the enchanting walk of a lady.

In India, the kings privileged the elephant motif as adorning symbol on clothes which was measured a matter of great pride and reputation.

Elephant motif

The motif gives a great female appearance to a bride. Never losing its allure the saree is always unchanging and ever stylish in its various fashions. Wear ethereal and royal look which involves culture values and ethnicity.

Sarees with Elephant motifs

Sarees with Elephant motifs reflect the love for the wild. Showcase the enormous power of elephant with the traditional silk saree. Wear the mammals tusk design and stand out as symbol of a brave Indian traditional woman.

Royal Yanai motif

Rule the wild as the Royal Yanai motif on your saree would do justice to the untamed soul of the lioness in you. Bring out the immemorial with the modern touch and look absolute heavenly!

After all, Motifs are expressions of love in different forms.

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