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The Symbol of Beauty and Grace

Motifs are generally inspired by nature! The Lotus motif is very common and popular motif used in silk sarees. They are predominantly used in Kanchipuram Silks sarees  and Chanderi sarees. The exquisite grace and purity of the motif in silk sarees never fails to attract women. It marks the beauty of a bashful bride!


Indian women are fascinated by lotus in many ways. Especially when it is embedded on a saree, they embrace it with their heart. 

Silk Sarees

How lotus adds elegance and eminence? What is so special about it being weaved into a saree as a motif? These questions cross our mind when we happen to look at the saree with Lotus Motif !

Lotus motif in Silk sarees show the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit draped to embrace the women.

Pothys sarees

Women are generally known for their ability to handle situations, which has ups and downs. The Lotus with its opening and closing petals too signifies the same. It is weaved in the Pothys saree to signify the modern day women.

lotus motifs

The poise and grace in lotus motifs is the best attire for women to wear! Pothys gives out the best love and compassion in the form of sarees. These sarees expand the beauty of the one who wears it.

Next time when you visit our showrooms or online store, do not forget to look for the beautifully embellished and weaved lotus motif sarees.

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