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The Bond: Mother and Daughter Matching Outfits!!

The mother and daughter relationship is a special bond which spans the years. A life long friendship built on sharing hugs, warmth and caring. 

There is something magical about the matching attires. This holds the case in any culture across the globe. The well-coordinated print and the matching colors simply make them elevating on any occasion. We at Pothys have an exclusive wing for such matching attires that are detailed to the core and are synonymous with each other.

Coordinated Sarees/ Half Sarees:

Sarees bring out the women’s brightest and colorful nature out to the world and this holds true especially for little girls who are adorning them. It brings out the culture and tradition – all in one go. Check out our online stores for a wide range of matching sarees and half sarees for both you and your daughter alike.


This is another classic example of coordination that is sure to grab eyeballs from the moment you enter the occasion. There are an infinite designs possibilities with lehengas and the patterns can be tailor made to suit you and your daughter. Browse through our stores to get a feel of our latest designs and their intricacies. The perfect matching attire would change the reason for the occasion to "you".


These simple yet rustic wear can be a choice for you and your daughter if you are out for a casual walk or to the beach. Matching salwars are best for those special mother- daughter moments. These casual wears can be suited to your needs and can be either of the classical pain variety or the rich colorful mixture. Bring out the fondness you share with your daughter with our special salwar collection- Only for you at Pothys.

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