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Tamil New Year and its ethnic bloom!

Tamil culture marks beginning of Tamil month 'Chithirai' as New Year.

With a culture rich heritage, this month is considered very auspicious for all new beginnings. Tamilians across the globe celebrate this New Year as 'Tamil Puthandu' or 'Varuda Pirappu'.

The early mornings of the Tamil New years for many begin with the visit to temples, churches, and mosques. This day is considered auspicious beyond religion. Wearing new clothes and making grand meals at home is part of the celebration. Women dress up in their Tamil ethnic wears like sarees, half sarees and men in their dhotis mostly.

The very thought of ' Varuda Pirappu' resonates with the ethnic wears that people wear on that day. To see girl kids in 'Pattu Pavadai ' is such a treat to the eyes. So to keep the tradition alive in this 2017, let our new buys be ethnic wears this time. And if there are plans to gift loved ones, then let it again be ethnic clothes.

A typical Tamil woman would be an ensemble of saree, bangles, and bindhi. Why not try these for the Tamil New Year this time? A Menpattu saree would be a nice choice to strike an ethnic look on Tamil New Year. Art silk pavadais for your young ones can make them feel one with the Tamil culture. Men can sizzle in their silk dhotis and sport a grand and majestic look.

Feeling good and looking good on a Year's first day can definitely make the rest of the days of the year more joyful. Shop for all of these online with Pothys and get spoilt for choices. Wishing you all a prosperous and joyful 'Varuda Pirappu'!

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