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2016-12-30 11:13:00 Published In Apparel

Tips to guard your Expensive Designer Sarees

How long do you plan on your attires before a festive occasion or a wedding? We call it investing time on deciding ‘what to wear’.


2016-11-08 11:40:00 Pubslished In Apparel

Go Festive with Designer Sarees!

“When was the last time you wore a saree?” - If this is asked to the Indian women, answers will essentially be a closer past or even “ Oh! Every day.” 


2016-08-18 13:37:21 Pubslished In Apparel

You Deserve A Treat! - Exciting Designer Sarees

With summer slowly fading away and Diwali so far away, are you feeling a little frazzled by work? You know what might cheer you up? A little bit of surprise shopping.


2016-07-21 19:16:28 Pubslished In Apparel

Designer Sarees End The Tenacious Battle

For as long as we can remember, there has been an obstinate battle going on in every household. The battle gains rigour during festive occasions particularly.


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