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2017-06-19 10:26:36 Published In Apparel

Festive looks for Ramadan

We at Pothys want to share this memorable occasion of Ramadan with a wide range of collections at our outlets and online store - especially for the festive spirit in you.


2016-12-30 11:13:00 Pubslished In Apparel

Tips to guard your Expensive Designer Sarees

How long do you plan on your attires before a festive occasion or a wedding? We call it investing time on deciding ‘what to wear’.


2016-11-08 11:40:00 Pubslished In Apparel

Go Festive with Designer Sarees!

“When was the last time you wore a saree?” - If this is asked to the Indian women, answers will essentially be a closer past or even “ Oh! Every day.” 


2016-08-18 13:37:21 Pubslished In Apparel

You Deserve A Treat! - Exciting Designer Sarees

With summer slowly fading away and Diwali so far away, are you feeling a little frazzled by work? You know what might cheer you up? A little bit of surprise shopping.


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