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Summer Ensembles to Beat The Heat

Embrace your feminine side with an elegant summer collection of women's wear at Pothys. Summer has just knocked in and you certainly do not want to wear dark, plain, and dull clothing.

You can choose from a riot of bright colors and flair to your ensemble without going overboard. Some simple tips on bright colors and there! You are ready to look smart and sport a casual appearance.

Glorifying cotton clothes and splashy floral designs are the best suits for summer. What more can one flaunt on a sunny summer day? Here we are with the essential summer pieces to invest in!

Summer Palettes

Women can add a bright colorful belt to a dark skirt and light blouse ensemble that practically squeals your look to the world. Have a look on your shoes too and make them bright, bold and draw the audience towards you. Always use a bright color as a part of the ensemble to add more personality and flair.

Scarves in Style

If you are a scarf person, simply do not think twice before adding it in as a part of your attire. Scarves have this special time immemorial appeal with them and they would never let you down. Needless to say, the summer collections are playful with bursts of bright colors strewn in and they get out the elegance in you - making heads turn.

Layer it up

Though layering may sound like a bad idea, it is actually not. Trust us! Keep it short yet layered is the style mantra of summer. A Kurti with a shrug on shorts and skirts can make you carry off a summer style with ease.

Shop online at Pothys, to get a feel of our exclusive summer ensembles. Bask in the limelight as you flaunt the stunning colors and get floored by the myriad choices at our online store. Look ultra feminine and get them matched with our delicate accessories that complement your attire. Get a taste of fashion only at Pothys and celebrate everyday with equal pomp and glamor.

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