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Summer Bride’s Checklist

Is your big day arriving? After all those sleepless nights of planning, the day is near.

Your outfit and accessories will play a vital role on your wedding. Here are some of the suggestions that a bride needs to wear on her big day to look ravishing and to create the best memories.

Pattu Sarees

Pattu Sarees - Pattu sarees are considered the most decorous for a new bride, as they offer the richness, opulence and grace. Bring out the divinity in you with astounding patterns and designs from Pothys silk saree collections.

Readymade Blouse - Happiness is getting it instant and now it’s our time to help the brides with our refined readymade blouse designs!! A Classy yet Elegant design for a royal pattu saree renders the charisma of an occasion!

Stay simple and light on your Blouse as it will enhance the whole look!

Silk Sarees

Next to clothing, it’s matching accessories that make the bride a queen. Get your accessories from Pothys and make everyone drool over your jewelry.

Earrings - Wedding earrings are traditionally notable and heavy. Shop for danglers earrings, and add grace to your bridal attire.

Neckpieces - Neckpieces look ravishing with vibrant color silk sarees.

Bangles - Bangles are integral part and it adorns your wrists. This will be the focal point of your wedding photographer, dress up your hands with bangles for the shots to come out beautifully.

Bridal collections

Maang Tikka (Nethichutti) - Maang Tikka is an ancient bridal accessory. There are quite a few variants of the maang tikka, a single string or two strings on each side, which can be extended and pinned to the hair, giving a beautiful traditional look.

Rings - Your Mehendi covered hands are further beautified with accessories like arm bands and rings, make them look all the more charming.

Waist Belt - Waist belt or Oddiyanam is essential for the bride to keep the saree intact.  This Ethnic wedding accessory gives bride a mesmerizing look.

Anklets - The delicate chain around the ankles with wispy bells that makes an enticing sound when the bride walks. Anklet is a must have accessory for every bride.

Shop our bridal collections to add more blossoms on your big day and fill your wardrobe with memories. Match them right with best accessories, and you are ready to be a queen. 

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