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Summer Bride

Summer weddings are becoming more popular everywhere. The wedding scene generally depicts a pastel background and gleaming sun lights all through.

This scene does give a cheerful and happy wedding. The cons of a summer wedding cannot be overlooked though. So to become an ideal bride of summer, there is few extra care that needs to be taken.

The wedding attire is an important aspect of marriage. Indian Bridal wear is renowned world overt for intricate design, rich tradition and craftsmanship. When it comes to traditional Wedding attire, the Indian bride has options to choose from. Whether it is the saree, the lehenga, the salwar Kameez or the ghagra choli – the options are aplenty. Whether it is a silk saree, or bridal lehenga or any other saree from your state, it is going to aptly suit your beauty and make you’re the diva of the day.

If you are a south Indian bride, you are sure going to opt for a silk saree for your muhurtham. So consider buying a silk saree blended with cotton. A Kanchipuram silk saree can be quite heavy, but the 'once in a lifetime’ day ought to be special with a special wedding attire. Isn’t it? Indeed yes! So the brides can consider stitching a blouse that can keep them well ventilated. The immense choices of Kanchipuram sarees that we have at Pothys will make you pick the best that suits you and make your wedding day magical. The other saree collections of Pothys like Art silks, Mayuri Men Pattu, Parampara and Vastrakala Pattu give you enough of options to make your wedding day a more memorable one. 

If you are a fan of wedding gowns, look for ones with broad shoulders and light weighted. These ways you can sport a stunning and comfortable look.

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