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Arani Silk

Arani, a small town in Tamil Nadu is famous for the traditional silks it makes. Arani silk is known for the quality of the weaves, the long lasting fabrics and its vibrant colours. Hand woven motifs and use of zari patch borders are its unique qualities. The popular motifs are peacock, paisley and floral. The pallu often features embroidered motifs, which add grandeur to the saree.

A unique feature of the saree is its Half and half designs. The saree gets one colour and design on one half and a different colour and design on the other half. In other words, the saree gets two different pallus, which makes it eligible to worn for different occasions. Another design allows the saree to be worn in four different ways! These special designs make the Arani silks unique.

Arani handlooms are well known for the durability of the colours used in the yarn. The mixture of colour gives it its durability. The count used in weaving gives the softness and hardness of the fabric. The count in a handloom fabric means the number of threads woven length wise and breadth wise, known as warp and wept respectively, in a square inch. The count in the saree in an Arani saree is 2400, which gives strength to the fabric and durability.

The handlooms in Arani are known for their softness and durability. The handloom fabric in this saree is uber- comfortable for the wearer. The usage of starch in the yarn gives it a polished look. This saree is suitable for any festival, party or grand function because of the variety in the designs and the ways it is made. This saree is generally preferred for festive occasions and engagements. Pothys has in store an amazing variety of Arani silks for you to shine and shimmer with elegance!

We also pride ourselves in offering you a collection of fusion silk sarees - traditional designs with a modern twist - Pothys’ Parampara sarees, woven in Arani. This range is a perfect reflection of modern day weddings, which have both traditional and contemporary elements. This range of Parampara pattu , suitable for wedding engagement functions, is the perfect combination of classical designs, contrasted with attractive hues, motifs and embellishments.

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