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Reception Inspirations

When receptions intend at showing hospitality to those who couldn't attend the wedding, for the bride and groom it is a switchover of another wedding wear.

So we thought we would bring you some reception inspirations to your reception themes and wears.

If your wedding had a particular color scheme, choose a different one for your reception. Make it as dreamy as possible. Involving the guests in some fun activity or games can make the reception more lively and memorable.

A reception planned indoors will demand more lightings. So the bride and groom can choose clothes that can add bling to the looks. The grooms have lots of indo-western looks to opt for. And for women, Pothys stocks the best of all looks for reception wears. A beautiful lehenga or a Vastrakala Pattu can be your choice depending on what style you wanna sport. Any saree or lehenga with sequin works can sparkle along and become a good pick for a reception. Though the tricky part will be choosing matching accessories to the clothes. Heavy jewelry can make it look quite extra dressy. So picking accessories that can tone down the bling of the dresses make a good option.

Choose a fabric that suits you. A simple art silk with nice temple jewelry can make the reception look steal all the looks. Above all listen to what your heart desires to wear. Sport that with a smile on your face. You will rock your reception look like a wonder.

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