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Readymade and Unstitched Blouses Save the Day

Is it another best friend’s wedding? Is it the third wedding you are attending in the past two months? Are annoying Aunties asking if you are the next to get married? Exhausting right?

The only good thing about attending these weddings, apart from seeing your friend happy, is dressing up. But with a barrage of weddings coming your way, dressing up can be pretty tiring too.

We say it’s a strenuous affair because you obviously have to look the best. You can’t repeat an attire, you have a budget in hand and your saree probably has to go with the wedding theme. With so many constraints in hand, finding a Saree is a herculean task by itself. The saree should be grand but not as grand as the bride’s. It should be traditional, but at the same time classy. The saree colour should suit your complexion and you have to make sure that you have accessories that go with the saree. Phew! Now that all this is done, it’s time to stitch the blouse and get going.

Uh-oh! The saree doesn’t come with an attached blouse? Or the blouse is so ghastly that you wish it didn’t come with an attached blouse? Well, we are back to square one. What if we said that there is a way out? What if we say that we have something that can be modified and tweaked to your preference and fit? What if we say that you don’t have to compromise on style or money?

Yes! We are talking about Pothys’ readymade and unstitched blouse collections. We have a wide array of readymade blouses that go with many sarees in the market. The exquisite readymade blouse collection encompasses different sizes that fit women of all body shapes. If you are not too keen on readymade blouses, we have a huge collection of unstitched blouse materials that can be tailored according to your whims and fancies. We have our very own tailoring unit that is ready to cater to your needs and make a perfect blouse out of an unstitched blouse material. We think it’s safe to say that Readymade and Unstitched blouse materials save the day!

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