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Pattu Pavadai For Your Traditional Princess

Anyone who has a little girl in their house will know of the abundant joy they impart to the house they live in. Right, from their quirky and witty banter to the incomparable happiness they spread, daughters of the house are truly special. 

However, these little ladies are known to be divas as well. In this day and age, children are very specific about what they want to wear and they do have a wide spectrum of options before them.

Right from cute frocks to skirts, with pretty little tops to dungarees, little girls are spoilt for choice. Although girls have more than enough options in the western wear department, they tend to become a little aloof when it comes to traditional wear. Girls these days view ethnic wear as boring, unflattering and archaic. But little do they know that ethnic wear is truly remarkable as they reflect our rich culture and heritage. Right from our great grandmothers to mothers, they have emanated beauty and radiance during their younger years with scintillating ethnic wear. One which stands out is the evergreen Pattu Pavadai.  Pattu Pavadais consist of a long, flared skirt and a cute blouse. Throughout the years, Pattu Pavadais have been evolving according to the taste of many generations.  

A pattu pavadai essentially has a skirt and a blouse. But the way you stitch it makes all the difference. You can stitch the blouse as fashionable as you want and make it you own. Even though pattu pavadais are a traditional affair in every accord, they can make a great style statement based on how they are tailored and what accessories you pair them with. One major advantage of half saris is that you don’t have to worry about them becoming unusable after a few years. Transform the blouse into a short blouse and add a dupatta with it and convert the pattu pavadai into an eloquent half sari. With many festivals and occasions right around the corner, grab a pattu pavadai online from Pothys and let your little princess shine and shimmer. 

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