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Patiala Salwars and Pants with Dupatta

Patiala Salwar with dupatta are mostly associated with the Punjabi women, but it hasn’t kept any women from other parts of India from wearing them.

The Patiala Salwar is like a dhoti that is left loose and is generally paired up with a tight fit kurta in order to enhance the beauty of the attire. Patiala salwar suits were traditionally a symbol of royalty and elegance in the northern states of India and was noticed that only crème crowd carried themselves in this attire; however, the blending fashion has opened doors for every common individual to wear this fashionable outfit. The salwar relates to the bottom apparel which is fabricated with double the amount of material that is used to stich the top apparel or the so-called ‘kameez’. The final salwar looks like a fold upon a fold of cloth in layer style going right till the upper thighs.

Alike other salwars, Patiala Pants are also fabricated with a belt that is fabricated from the same material which is operated by a long channel to tighten the waist fitting on the top. The kameez or the top of the Patiala salwar/pants goes all the way to the knees providing ultimate comfort and ease to wear.

There is no rule set for fabrics. Various fabrics are being used to make designer salwar kameez suits including: cotton, chanderi, georgette, chiffon, silk, crepe, net and many more. However, each of them keeps in mind that using materials that possess their own fall are essential when getting a Patiala salwar ready. The top may be designed out of various other materials as per the combination of the set. Adding richness to these designer salwar suits and Patiala salwar kameez is vital; therefore, they make use of zari, motifs, and embroideries to make the dress look apt even for auspicious occasions.

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