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Paithani Silk Saree – The Queen of Sarees

Considered amongst the richest sarees in the country, due to its fine weave, high quality silk and pure gold zari, Paithani silk sarees are a class apart. Originating from the small town of Paithan in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, these sarees are hand woven and feature a typical oblique square design on its borders.

The pallu on some paithani silk sarees features a peacock motif while the saree body could either be plain or have a spotted design. The high point of these sarees is their kaleidoscopic effect which is achieved by weaving sarees with threads of two different colors – one lengthwise and the other widthwise.

A “Paithani” saree is invariably a part of a Maharashtrian bride’s trousseau. The saree is richly intertwined with Maharashtrian culture and is part of its rich tradition and folklore. Paithan is said to be the famed legendary city of Pratishthan ruled by the great Satvahana King Shalivahana. This makes the town more than 2000 years old. It was also known as an international trade centre for silk and zari.
A Paithani saree is a heavy saree, with bright, almost loud, colours and has a solid zari border. This is a 6-yard saree and consumes around half a kg of silk and around a quarter kg of zari. The finished saree can be around three quarters of a kg.
The motifs that are commonly found on a Paithani saree are vine and flowers, called “Asavali,” coconut or “Narali,” pheasant or “humaparindas” and “Bangdimor” or peacock in a bangle, among others. A Paithani Saree is classified according to motifs, weaving and colours.  
Contemporary Paithani sarees collection features trendy colours and design motifs that appeal to the modern wearer. Yet we are in the midst of a revival of sorts as far as Paithani sarees are concerned, thanks to the importance it has got on the media since the past few years. Modern brides are asking for traditional Paithani sarees in their trousseaus and women dream of owning a “Paithani” someday.
Buy Paithani sarees if you wish to truly own a piece of impeccable artistry and masterful weaving. It is a cherished belonging for most Maharashtrian women who believe in not buying a Paithani but “earning” it. A regal apparel treasured by the Satvahanas and Peshwas and patronized by the Nizams is a true masterpiece. It is the “Paithani.”

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