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The Festival of Flowers - Pothys Onam Sarees

God’s own country Kerala, has always been the epitome of beauty and elegance. As a testament to its beauty, the land’s women and festivals reflect the same elegance.

One of which is the grand festival called Onam, celebrated by Keralites all over the world.  As Onam is fast approaching and the air around is filled with the sweet scent of flowers and Payasam, here is an overlook of the glorious festival of Onam and why it is such a monumental event.

There are so many traditions and practices involved with this grand festival. Onam marks the commemoration of the mythical king Mahabali’s return to the kingdom.  We are familiar with the exquisite pookolam that adorns the entrance of every household during a festivity. Onam in Kerala is the birthplace of these magnificent pookolams. These pookolams are created with an assortment of fragrant flowers. With music and dance always in the picture, Onam is a true celebration of the gods. With Mundu saree clad women dancing thiruvathirakali and fierce men portraying the dramatic kathakali dance, Onam is nothing short of an extravagant fest.

When it comes to food, Onam sets new standards to every other festival out there. With 23 dishes served on the banana leaf, which sometimes goes upto 30, the Onam feast is a delicious treat that can knock you out for days together. Right from the famous banana chips to the delectable erisheri and last but not least, the heavenly payasam, Onam is a foodie’s delight. Apart from food, music, and dance, there are several competitions and shows that take place before and during Onam. Boat race aka vallamkali and tiger dance also known as pulikali are landmarks of this great festive occasion.

With so much of grandeur on the cards, Keralites are definitely not going easy on the clothing department. Kerala sarees that are the definition of class and splendour are reflective of the festival’s mood. With beautiful golden borders and exquisite designs, Kerala saree or Mundu set sarees are an absolute favourite for not only women from Kerala but also women from all over India. As Onam is right around the corner, Pothys has the finest Kerala sarees. Buy these Kerala sarees online from Pothys and celebrate Onam with a true Kerala spirit.

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