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MOTIFS - Women as Graceful as Peacock

Pothys establishes the inheritance of the Indian Culture with the historic symbol. Graced in several forms, the Peacock Motif has been a matter of pride and prestige for centuries in the drapes and pleats of the adoring sarees.

Peacock Motif

The Indian aesthetics lies in the feathers of peacock. The symbols of immortality featured in the feathers are most commonly used and have been for centuries considered a sign of mobility.

Let it be the Bhimbetka’s rock cut cave or on the terracotta jar of ancient civilization, the peacock irrelates to the art from the times of Indus Valley Civilization.

Adding on to your glam from your outfit, this glamorous bird marking a place in the Indian traditional and art from the early times.


Wear on the symbol of wealth, beauty, pride and the supreme royalty dancing in the borders of the saree.

The pride and prestige of the Peacock motif has been favored from the 15th century by the Indian kings.

The modern kings adore their queen and princess to wear the same pride in them.

peacock motif

The peacock motif rules the fashion world and continues to experiment in several aesthetic ways seamlessly.

Embellishing the saree or lehenga with a peacock motif or feathers makes you standout in any crowd. The royal appeal in a wedding or any occasion that requires you to be dressed up, adds on your gorgeousness with peacock motif.

beautiful and elegant dancing peacock

Carry the god of Rain’s favorite bird on your drapes.

The fashionable tastes in todays modernized world, the elegant vintage style statement is viewed in the peacock motif.

The depiction of this beautiful and elegant dancing peacock in the art forms are being practiced over centuries till now.

Why do you want to search elsewhere, when Pothys can give the ranges of styles with the Peacock motif? Either modern or ethnic choose the attire of your style in our stores. Have a pride in shopping.

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