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Motifs -The symbols of Tradition

Silk sarees are known for the grandeur it rends its wearers. Every drape and pleats of silk saree add elegance and pride.

What gives the silk sarees this grandeur? The weaves, zaris, and the motifs. While zari is the most sought-after portion in a silk saree, there's this another important thing of silk saree that deserves equal importance. The Motifs! The tiny designs dispersed through the body of the silk saree plays a vital role in getting a silk saree sold. It would be too simple to call the motifs as designs. Silk sarees speak volumes with the motifs. They take different forms and speak different stories.


Traditionally Kanjeevaram weavers believe that some motifs should be together. They always weave a classic 'Kamalam' (Lotus) with leaves. There are few combos like this that depend solely on the weaver's creativity. Another flower that occupies this classic throne of silk saree is the 'Malli Moggu' (The jasmine bud). This is also called as 'Teardrops'. There are many who make a matching 'Malli Moggu' inspired jewelry too.


The other animal motifs that are often seen on a silk saree are the mythical 'Mayil' (Peacock), a pouncing lion and few more. There are few other regal motifs that accompany these motifs are the temple motifs. These are stories carved on temple walls that are depicted in the forms of motifs in silk sarees. This is how the silk sarees speak volumes of stories.


The weavers need no scale or equipment to weave in a geometric pattern on a silk saree. They do it with so much excellence that the motifs win hearts undoubtedly. The thin lines as motifs are called the 'Vaira Oosi' (Diamond Needle). There are big bold checks that are called 'kattam' (Squares). The other motifs like Chakras (wheels) and 'Buttas' (coins) are very common yet very traditional and much preferred.

There's no dearth for motifs with the trends and creativities setting into silk sarees. Yet the traditional motifs are strongly associated with silk sarees when one goes for a classic one. We stock the best of silk sarees with delicately designed motifs. Log on to www.pothys.com to witness them.

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