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The Warps and Wefts of Kanchipuram Silk Saree

It is an undeniable fact  that one feels honoured in owning a Kanchipuram silk saree. But little do most people know about the labour and efforts that go into the making of it. So we thought of throwing more light into how it is made.

The Kanchipuram sarees as we all know have gotten their name from the famous town named Kanchipuram otherwise called the silk city . The saree derived this name as an act of honoring the weavers of kanchipuram district.

A Kanchipuram silk saree is generally distinguished into three parts as border, zari and pallu. There is yet another factor that makes these sarees so distinguishable is the three compositions the saree is made of. They are the Pallu, Zari and Body of the saree. The Pallu and saree are always made  in contrast to each other.

The third important feature of the Kanchipuram silk sarees is the costly raw materials used to make the saree, especially the Zari.  Zaris are used to make designs and patterns in a silk saree. Zari is usually a silk thread clubbed with silver wire and dipped in gold . Now you’ll know why do Kanchipuram sarees cost one so much to own. Though gold occupies the lowest percentage in the composition, Silver occupies the highest ratio.

The composition is generally like below :

  •     Silk       - 22 % approx.
  •     Silver    - 50 % approx.
  •     Gold      -  0.6 % approx.
  •     Others   -  29 % approx.

Motifs are the designs woven on the silk sarees. It varies from parallel lines, buttis , checks and so on .  Many designs like swan, banyan leaves, vines, Temple towers, deer and many more are being featured by Kanchivaram silk sarees lately.

Beyond the texture, costly raw material and designs , the labour that it involves is what, that makes the saree more valuable. To make a saree with less designs , it takes 10 - 12 days for the weavers to weave it. Whereas a saree with intricate designs needs approximately twenty days to weave it . The wefts and warps in such design-intricate sarees are more, that it demands more labour.

This is how Kanchipuram silk sarees make one a proud owner and become a darling in any woman’s wardrobe for that matter.

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