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Umpteen Shades of Pink Dress Ideas

If you haven’t worn pink since your kindergarten school day, then this is high time you invite the pink guest back to your wardrobe

As fashion has it, pink - the girly colour can be matched with much more colours beyond imagination. Here are few ways you can pair up pink with other colours...

Add a silver line...

Pair pink with hues of silver for a fashion forward look.  When you get to wear a pink saree with a silver blouse, get ready to bag in tonnes of compliments too. Can’t wait to give the drape a silver lining huh?

The yellow bling

Pair butter yellow with  sherbet pink for a day event. For you are going to shine and shimmer with the yellow and pink.  A butter yellow legging with a sherbet pink tunic can get you to sizzle in any event.

Black is the new black...

Needless to say,  black turns any hue into a classy one. So next time when you try to wear a pink salwar suit on , sprinkle some classy look to it with a sheer black dupatta.

Ultra sophisticate with brown...

Get an ultra sophisticated look with the brown - pink combo. Get a sleeveless pullover on a pink tee, then you are sure to sport a cool look.  Nerd it up with a thick framed specs, for it is super trending now.

Muted pink and candy red...

Club muted pink  top with a candy red long skirt . Pair it up a good stilletto, you are good to go girl!

Baby and Mommy Pinks...

And if you somehow happen to have more clothes in various shades of pink, then pair baby pink with a darker shade of pink . This candy look will look complete with a petal pink sling bag. This is just a monochromatic yet a killer look.

The classy white

To get ‘a throw it on and go’  look and yet look classy is possible only with pink and white. Pair a white blouse with a pink skirt , you are sure to stun many with your looks.

So convinced enough that this ‘easy on the eye’ hue is easy to be paired too? Then go on and add more of pinks to your cloth palettes. Do it the pink way!

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