2017-12-12 11:10:37 Writen By: Pothys Readymades

Margazhi – Kacheri Attires

Sa Re Ga Ma… You heard us right! December brings us the season of Carnatic music and Kacheri with the beautiful climate.

The music lovers and ‘Margazhi’ stung by the love of the 'swaram' and ragam make this December even more memorable.

For all those music lovers, Pothys brings more magic to the Kacheri attires. Like how ragam and 'swaram' give birth to a beautiful Carnatic song, the warps and wefts give birth to the timeless silk sarees.

Now that the festival is here, we thought of bringing you the silk sarees with motifs bearing musical instruments. Motifs like Tabla, Nadhaswaram, Tanpura, and Veena are woven onto a silk saree make them super festive. Apart from discussions on who sang well, who wore the best supersedes the discussions this season. The singers become the ambassadors of the silk sarees during this period of music and joy.

When you know your drape carries music too, wouldn’t it be classy? It, of course, would be! A silk saree with musical instrument motifs, a nose pin, jasmine flower for the hair and 'jhumkas' form the perfect ensemble of all ‘Margazhi’. This cultural extravaganza doubles up the joy of celebration with swishes and swirls of silk saree drapes.

Pick from our elegant silk sarees and your favorite instrument motif to look classy and timeless! The 'sabhas' lingering with 'swaram' and women clad in silk are surely the December fashion rules. Let the ‘thalams’ and ‘ragam’ earworm you while we keep stocking the best of silks for you to look festive!

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