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Magical Muhurtham silks

It's almost the most romantic day in every body's life. It's none other than the wedding day!

The most auspicious time of a wedding is called Muhurtham. And the silk saree that is worn during that time is widely known as Muhurtha pattu. It's preserved all life by the bride in memory of her wedding day.

And nothing can replace the splendid Kancheepuram saree's presence in all Muhurthams. The south Indian brides can never trade their tradition of saree for anything. Whatever fashion could change has gone through enough changes but the defacto muhurtham sarees. Here are few ways to sizzle in Muhurtham pattu !

Since you get limited time to drape your muhurtham silk, pleat it up and pin it up the previous day so that it will save time during Muhurtam. Also, buy a shape-wear or body hugging petticoats that are available in the market. This will add more beauty to your curves.

Give a good tassel to your blouse back neckline's tie. Adding beads to your blouses will add more comfort if they are made of fabric balls. This way the muhurtham blouse can stay long and tear-free as a metal ball would cause enough harm to your attire and to the washing machine too.

Also, stitching 'falls' cloth to the bottom of your Kancheepuram saree can make the saree's zari last long. This makes the saree get crisp pleats too. With Pothys writing the name of bride and groom on your Muhurtha silk will sure let your D- Day memory stay forever!

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