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Keep New Sarees New Forever

Brand new. Newly wed. Latest on rack. Just released. Newbies are always exciting.

The sellers never fail to flaunt the new arrivals and the buyers equally show of the 'recently bought' goodies.
At Pothys, New arrival is an everyday affair to us. So we take pride in showing off too. Our latest designer sarees, latest cotton sarees, new arrival sarees are always a pride to show off.
With wedding in the air, we house the best of silk sarees for the brides. And our new arrivals are always on the watch. Taking care and preserving the saree is equally important.

Here are few tips to preserve your newly bought sarees

• Put your sarees to dry in sunlight every four months.
• With monsoon settled in ,keep your silk sarees away from moisture
• First time cotton saree wash could be done after soaking the saree in a luke warm water mixed with little rock salt
• Don't wriggle chiffon sarees after rinsing. Let them drip to dry.
• Organza sarees should only be dry cleaned
• Silk sarees are of course high maintenance. Wrapping them in a newspaper while storing them in wardrobe is a good idea.

Keep the sheen of your sarees forever by giving them good care. Keep them new as ever with a good maintenance. So that you can flaunt forever with newest clothes forever. With the high quality clothes from Pothys, a well maintained attire can stay new forever.

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