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Kerala settu sarees - Cream Hues in Dream Drapes!

Draping saree is an art. The magic lies in the six yards of the saree and the way it is draped. We have exceptional varieties of sarees that will adorn you and your wardrobe in the best ways of fashion.

We stock sarees with heavy and rich embellishments, sarees with signature prints, sarees with grand motifs and zaris and so many. But of all, there’s one handloom saree that holds good for any occasion. It is the Kasavu saree or the Kerala saree, from ‘God’s Own Country’ - Kerala.

As history has it, this saree is an evolution of Mundum_Neriyathum, worn by the ancient women of Kerala. This Mundum_Neriyathum comes in two pieces. Mundum is draped around the waist and Neriyathum is worn on the Torso. With time it has evolved into Kasavu Sarees. This could be one another reason for being called as ‘Settu Sarees’. These are handwoven and are the known for the comfort it renders the wearer. On any warm summery day, wearing this airy saree will be quite comfortable.

This Kerala saree, though comes only in a cream shade, yet looks grand with the gold zari woven on pallu and borders. Now a day these sarees have gone through a little fashion twist. The saree which used to have just gold buttis, now feature motif like flowers, peacocks and many more. The grand golden hued borders add to the beautiful look.  

With the regal appearance, these saree will suit any festive occasion. You can even wear it for your work day, for it is very comfortable to wear the lightweight saree, handwoven in a soft cotton. And if you are choosing it for your wedding, then go for a saree with big borders to look grand on your special day. For a regular wear, a saree with thin border will hold good. Minimally accessorize when you decide to wear it as a work wear.

The interesting twist lies in the colour of the blouse you choose to wear with these sarees. Any dark colored blouse will go with this cream hued saree. If it is for the bride, then copper, bronze or gold are desirable shades to add grandeur to the saree. The Kerala sarees are so light yet so opulent in its look. If you decide to pick one for you, you have umpteen choices, as we stock them with latest prints and motifs. Time to look classy!

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