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Kanjeevaram Silks

Hand-woven Kanjeevaram Sarees are named after the famous South Indian town of Kancheepuram where they are made. According to Hindu mythology, the Kanchi silk weavers are the descendants of Sage Markanda, the master weaver of Gods who is supposed to have woven tissue from lotus fibre.

The Kanjeevaram saree is made of heavy silk which makes it last long. It takes about ten days to weave a simple silk saree and up to 20 days for a decorative one. Interlocked weft borders and light weaving makes it last a lifetime. The pallu, body and borders are separately made and then delicately joined into one single saree.

The sarees are always of bold and bright contrast colours. The motifs generally take forms of peacocks, elephants, swans and parrots. Scenes from epics and personalized texts are also woven. These sarees are made and worn for auspicious occasions.

Though the silk industry has gone through many ups and downs, the Kanjeevaram silk has managed to hold its own and even go International. The introduction of jacquard loom and so many other new techniques have helped the Kanjeevaram silks maintain their place in the textile industry.

The modern prints and the rich affiliation continue to give this saree a festive touch. The saree also gets a modern twist with stone embellishments and a use of more modern colour palettes. Customizing the saree has become very popular. At Pothys we are proud of making the longest kanjeevaram saree ever made. Our desire to innovate and excel in silk manufacturing won us the Guinness World Record in the year 2005 for creating the world’s longest silk saree.

Kancheepuram silks

A beautiful woman is the epitome of the perfect creation, in other words she is endowed with Samudrika Lakshanam according to the Vedas. At Pothys our designers and weavers are skilful in capturing such admirable characteristics in our Kanjeevaram sarees and have christened this creation as Samudrika Pattu - Sarva Lakshana Pattu. This collection is specially designed for brides for their special day. As the saying goes “With time and patience a mulberry leaf becomes a silk saree”, a Kanjeevaram saree is made with lot of patience, hard work and time. No South Indian woman’s trousseau is complete without a Kanjeevaram pattu. And the perfect place to shop these is Pothys!

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