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Transforming Into A Radiant Bride

Right from the day your marriage is fixed till the day of wedding, you are sure to experience butterflies in your stomach. 

Unison of you and your loved one with your family’s blessings is surely a day you are going to remember for the rest of your life. This grand occasion calls for lavish celebrations and most importantly poses unrealistic expectations on a bride to look absolutely flawless.

From nosy relatives to fashion magazines, there are so many elements in the society that pressurise you to look a certain way. In all honesty, you might want to look your best. Not for the cameras or other people, but for yourself and your soon to be better half. In this fervent pursuit of the ultimate bridal look, we scavenge through countless fashion magazines, read thousands of bridal blogs and have an elaborate debate with your friends on what to wear and where to buy it. With so many opinions and options on the plate, the already stressed-out bride is sure to break her head over it.

With Lehengas and designer sarees in the picture, temple jewellery and antique jewellery on the cards, with numerous trial makeup sessions to be attended in various beauty salons, it is a miracle if you managed to remain calm and sane. Amidst all this confusion, it is highly probable for you to lose track of what you really want. Our friends and fashion blogs try to keep updating us on the latest trendy options and it is easy for us to forget the obvious choice that has been staring at us all the way along.

If you look back at your mom or grandma’s wedding, you will understand why people say “Less is more”. In today’s world everything is made into a spectacle. We tend to oversee the subtle options and reach out to what everyone else is doing. Even though modern day brides want innovation and uniqueness in everything, embracing your tradition and wearing a simple yet bedazzling Kancheepuram saree will make your unique. Said to be woven by the gods themselves, Kancheepuram sarees will never lose their status of being one of the most spectacular pieces of clothing ever.

Kancheepuram sarees have been in the picture for over 400 years. It is said to woven by the descendants of Sage Markanda and that is why these sarees have a godly touch to them. With vibrant colours and bold borders and motifs woven out of golden mulberry thread, Kancheepuram silk sarees are genuinely a class apart. Being a trademark of South India, Kancheepuram sarees have managed to stand against the tides of time. Generations and trends may come and go, but Kancheepuram sarees live on forever. Come purchase your very own Kancheepuram saree online at Pothys and emanate radiance effortlessly on your wedding day.


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