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The Big Fat Indian Wedding - Lehenga

As the title indicates, an Indian wedding is almost always a grand affair. It’s a show of resplendence and beauty in every sense.

Right from the wedding hall adorned with beautiful flowers and ornaments, the gastronomical grandeur in the buffet and the near and dear ones of the couple dressed in their best attire, weddings are truly a joyous occasion. With a galore of ornaments, decorations and amazingly dressed people everywhere, the most important person of the day- the bride, should surpass all the opulence with her outfit.

Even though there are zillion options when it comes to bridal wear, there is one style of outfit that can never go wrong. It's the perfect blend of trend and tradition. A harmonious marriage between style and sensuality. Any bride who wears this will emanate sheer elegance and beauty. It's none other than the ever beautiful Bridal Lehenga.

The great thing about Bridal Lehengas is the umpteen number of varieties and colours they come in. Each Lehenga has three pieces of clothing- the blouse, the dupatta and the choli (skirt). Each piece is an embodiment of splendour and style. It strikes a perfect balance between glamour and tradition.

Modern day brides are great fans of the Lehenga because of its magnificence. It's an attire that can even be worn at a later date for a different function.  So if you are getting married, make sure you have a Lehenga in your wardrobe list as it makes a style statement without compromising on grandeur. What are you waiting for? Run to the Pothys showroom and get ready to be befuddled by innumerable Bridal Lehenga options available!

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