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The Intricacies of Indian Bridal Wear

Marriage is a special occasion in any culture. It is a time to remember throughout one’s life. A coming together of two lives and more so, two families. A culmination of a dream and the promise of the beginning of an exciting journey.

Indian weddings are elaborate events spanning a few days. With many sub-ceremonies, it is a treat to watch, experience and enjoy. It is also time for the bride to dress up in all her regal splendor and be the cynosure of all eyes.
Everyone is concerned about the type of dress the bride is going to wear. Right from the bride herself to her mother, her sisters, cousins and anybody who is even remotely related to her. The amount of time and energy that are spent in deciding the perfect attire for the bride are truly humongous.
From deciding on the type of dress to fabric to colour to pattern to style and fit, every small detail is thought and deliberated upon. The decision on the bridal wear is probably as important as the menu for the wedding lunch or dinner.
After days of discussions, debates and deliberations the dress is selected and after numerous rounds of fittings, is finalized for the big day. But all the time and energy that were invested seem worth the efforts when the bride is finally dressed in the dress.
Most brides-to-be buy bridal dress weeks ago and get the fit right for the wedding. Thought is also given to current trends in colour, styles and patterns to be in sync with the times. When the dress teams up with accessories and make-up does its true form reveal itself and the beauty of the dress is something to be cherished for a long time.
On the day of the wedding day, every effort in procuring the best bridal dress seems well spent. The bride enters the venue surrounded by her coterie and all eyes turn to her. There are the “oohs” and the “aahs” that seem to give credence to all the efforts the bride has put to look as beautiful as she is. She is ready to start life anew.

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