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Celebrate Colors!

Holi! The holy Holi is here upon us. Like we all know, we celebrate holi commemorating Radha and Krishna. It is the festival of Love. It is the festival of sharing. It is the festival of colors. So this blog will take you for a colored journey. A little help on how you can match your clothes is always desired. Here you go!

Matching and mixing colors while you dress up is an art. And that art doesn’t come handy to everyone. Since it is not a talent but a skill, it sure can be learned. Here are few strategies to style up easy the next time you dress up. Before which, here are a few color jargon that one has to be familiar with.

Jewel tones are the colors tones that resemble the rich color of gemstones. Earth tones - the color scheme of earth tone mostly belong to the browns and tans. And other colors like warm grays, muted greens that imitate earthly elements like moss, rock, and trees also fall under the earthy tone.

Complimentary colors are those opposite colors that best match each other like how black and white does. Pastel colors are the colors otherwise called as washed out colors or the neutral colors. Baby blue, pink are all examples of pastels. Now let’s see how we can simplify the color matching and mixing needs of dressing.

The first and foremost rule is that, keep colors in their family. Match pastel with pastel, earth tone with earth tones and jewel tones with jewel tones. It is as simple as it sounds.

Opt for complimentary color. Every color has its own complimentary color. For example, you can combine like Pink - Green, Oranges - Blue violets, yellows - violets, Green with mauve pinks and so on.

Sometimes different shades of same color can do well to your styling. A light tan can go with a dark brown. So play around with the same family shades. A baby blue top on a dark blue denim? Yes that is a perfect choice!

A print break up is another simple rule to mix and match colors. Choose a printed scarf and pick plain colored clothes matching the colors in the prints. Make a perfect mix and match with the scarf and there you are in a dazzling ensemble!

When you are still in doubt, go for the super stars of the color family. Stick to black and white! And you are ready to go! Happy colors! Happy Holi!

Here’s more reason to celebrate Holi this time. Pothys offers Holi sale up to 15%. Time to celebrate colors.

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