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Hello to Mango Season!!

Motifs in Indian textiles boast the traditional culture. The ‘Mangaai’ or ‘Mango’ motif is one of the most popular and enduring motifs in traditional Indian design.

Mango Motifs

The mango motif widely found in textile arts such as chikankari embroidery from Lucknow and kantha embroidery from Bengal. The motif has made its presence felt in the Kanjivaram weaving tradition too. Mango Motifs in Pothys silk sarees bring a different perspective to women who wear it.

Traditional Motifs

It is considered as a symbol of love and fertility. For those who wear the saree with a mango motif, let it bless with its meaning and significance. These traditional motifs have been passed down across generations of wearers, traders, and weavers but even when the trendiest sarees are in the market, women love to see “Buta” designs on their sarees.

Silk Saree Collections

Mango is the Queen of Fruits. Check out our silk saree collections at Pothys  with Mango motifs for the queen of your life. The silk saree with mango motifs become perfect attire for the women, as it is believed that goddess Lakshmi always stays on the mango tree.

This motif has captured the hearts of womenfolk since time immemorial and will definitely continue to do so. Here’s our salute to a timeless motif.

Kancheepuram silk sarees

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