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Handloom sarees – A Class Apart

India’s heart lives in its villages and the village’s heart is in hand looms. Billions of looms across the country are involved in weaving cotton, silk and other natural fibers.

Each of the villagers ensure the weaving process brings out the traditional beauty of India by embracing its own precious heritage.

The extraordinary artisans bring together memorable design patterns and embroidery that showcases the true talent of our Indian craftsmen. Handloom sarees have a down to earth, homely feeling, the reason could be that they are made by hand and offers you only the best our tradition.

Embracing the Indian Heritage

In the world of handlooms, there are Madras checks from Tamil Nadu, ikats from Andhra and Orissa, tie and dye from Gujarat and Rajasthan, brocades from Banaras, jacquards form Uttar Pradesh. Daccai from West Bengal, and phulkari from Punjab. Yet, despite this the geographical distinction there has been a great deal of technical and stylistic exchange. Indian handloom has created a special place for itself in India and abroad too. With so many varieties of handlooms from different states, India has collected a precious wealth of innovation. After all, this has lead India rising as the most richly cultured country.

Handlooms in Tamil Nadu

As we know every state in India has a uniqueness to its region and its unique touch makes a handloom saree of each state vastly different from the others. As referred the handloom goods are better known as “Kaithari” in Tamil. Beautiful sarees can be bought at reasonable prices also, which enables the weavers to earn more while giving creative trends to the Indian handloom sector. These creative innovations in Tamil Nadu have turned a lot of heads towards this state for classy handloom materials which is embraced by our people.

Types of Handloom Sarees

Some of the well-known Indian Handloom Sarees are Kancheepuram Silk Sarees, Maheshwari Saree, Bagh Print Saree, Chanderi Silk Sarees, Tussar silk saree, Banarasi Silk Saree, Baluchuri Sarees, Sambalpuri Sarees, Kantha stitch Sarees, Bhadhini Sarees and Munga Sarees. Handloom sarees are made out of good quality silks to give out a lustrous look.

Elegance being the other word for such tradition attires from the heart and soul of India and over time they have reinvented themselves and have garnered a special respect among the global audience. Women know the worth of such sarees and while these sarees can be worn casually, they can also make a style statement on its own. Given the wide and exciting range of handlooms, it is not surprising that the rich and beautiful products of the weavers of India have been called "exquisite poetry in colorful fabrics."

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