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Beauty of Wearing Half Saree - Davani

Half Saree was an icon wear for most Indian women. Nowadays the generation has changed the trend and women choose to wear this only during special occasions like engagement, wedding and reception etc.

Half Saree gives Indian women a traditional look well unified with the charm of fashion. The demand for Half Saree in India has increased as many Bollywood actresses have started wearing it in many functions. In India, the women fashion changes a lot on what the celebs wear and thus, today Half Saree is high in demand even in cities. Initially Half Sarees were worn by South Indian women as a regular wear when they used to walk down to schools and colleges or even generally at home but trend changes with time. They were actually cheaper clothes which are suitable and comfortable for daily basis, but now you don’t see them worn much. Though today high quality designer half sarees are available in the shops, people still choose to wear salwar kameez or a normal cotton sari.

Half Sarees is different from the traditional sarees in looks as well as in the style of wearing. Half sarees are also known as Davani. The pleats are usually stitched and easy to wear than the traditional Indian Saree. Pleats are made of different colors which give the Half Saree a unique look. The grace of Half Saree in different occasion is outstanding. Half Sarees are more comfortable than sarees and are fuss free, just long flowing skirt, matching blouse and a saree-wrap tucked across the skirt and you are complete! During festivals like Onam and Pongal, these Half Sarees are a hit among the adolescents and it adds to the beauty of festivals with colorful dresses. It’s amazing to know how these half sarees have undergone transformations from, shabby village road to racks of big designer boutiques and mall. The style and pattern have been modified keeping the on-going trends in mind.

In India these half sarees/Davani also have names like Langa voni, Mundum Neriyathum, Ghagra-choli, though in different names patterns are all similar but with a touch of the state’s art. What you waiting for? Buy Half Sarees online and discover the wide range of collections only at Pothys online store.

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