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Feel Festive with Pothys

Festive season is around the corner and everyone is as excited. Shopping and dolling yourself up on any festival is a happy feeling which one cannot express.

To nurture that feeling we at Pothys would love to shout out on how we can showcase our latest and extraordinary fashion trends for both men and women. We would love to share some tips and tricks on how you can dress up at your occasion.

1. For the Beautiful Bride on her Wedding

Wedding is a roller coaster ride, where you have to decide your outfit, select the right jewellery, pick beautiful shoes and what not. To ease your worry, we have something exciting for you. Read below;

  • Select your wedding saree from range of Kancheepuram Silk Sarees. Kancheepuram Sarees are silk sarees made in the Kancheepuram region in Tamil Nadu. The silk sarees are weaved in Kancheepuram keeping the tradition alive in Indian brides.
  • Confused what color to go for? The most frequent colors a bride is seen is in Red, Maroon, Orange, and Pink. These colors show the vibrant and beautiful aspect of the bride. The Tamil Nadu brides are either draped in a nine yard saree or draped in the normal style.
  • Some of the brides are confused on which outfit to wear on which occasion, to address their concern, you can wear lehenga's for your sangeeth function, opt for single gowns for your reception, pick a beautiful green dress for your mehendi and dazzle on.

2. Let's light up Diwali with Happiness and love.

Diwali is celebrated on the return of Pandavas after 12 years of Vanvas and one year of "Agyatavas" in Mahabharata. Furthermore, Diwali is linked to the celebration of Lakshmi, who is venerated amongst Hindus as the goddess of wealth and prosperity and is the wife of Lord Vishnu.

  • Diwali is a festival where women in traditional and trendy outfit is embraced by elegant sarees made from a variety of materials such as silk sarees, chiffon sarees, designer sarees, Silk Cotton sarees and more. These are the most favorite pick of our women in Tamil Nadu.
  • Men on the other hand dress up in traditional dhotis and silk shirts or contemporary kurta's that makes them look chic yet trendy.
  • Kids are the lifeline of festivals, as they light up joy and happiness everywhere. To doll them up, pick jeans or comfortable tee shirts for your son, and for your daughter stun them in colorful dress, pattu pavadai's or beautiful gowns.

3. Celebrating New Year with a New Beginning

New Year's Day, also called simply New Year's or New Year, is observed on January 1, the first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar. To celebrate New Year, friends and family gather together and welcome the New Year with lots of happiness and blessings from their elder ones.

  • During New Year, it is considered to dress up in new dresses on the first day of the year. Also lot of people visit Churches, Temples, Mosque to pray for their wellbeing and happiness.
  • On New Year's men and women are suited up in comfortable attire like dresses, jeans, tops, simple dresses / gowns, suits and more.
  • Gifting your loved ones is also considered a practice in New Year, so at Pothys we have a range of variety where you can gift by picking your favorite fashion style.

4. The Harvest Festival.

Pongal is a traditional harvest festival celebrated in South India, particularly by Tamils. It is mainly celebrated by the farmers to thank the nature for giving bountiful harvest and agricultural abundance.

  • On this holy festival, men wear traditional outfit like wearing the dhoti and Angavastram.
  • Women on the other hand dress up in traditional silk Kancheepuram sarees and half sarees.
  • Kids who light up the festival wear traditional dress like pattu Pavadai made out of pure silk material and boys wear dhotis and comfortable shirts.

Be it any festival or any occasion, we at Pothys offer you an extraordinary range of clothing for women, men and kids that will leave you stunned. Step into Pothys and explore from our collections now.

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