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Father-Son & Mother-Daughter Matching Outfits

At Pothys relationships or bonds are always given more importance amongst anything above. The Father - Son and Mother - Daughter bond are one such relation where it fights all odds with love. 

At Pothys, we celebrate the relationship by offering matching outfits for your family that makes you look stylish and attractive yet traditional.

A bond that is Inseparable - Father and Son

If you would have noticed, the father and son always have follow the same styling. When a son grows up, he starts becoming or looking like his father. The clothes he wears, the styling his does and what not. We would like to take you back to nostalgia where a son would have looked up to his father for everything;

  • A son always notices how his father dresses up and what type of clothes he wear. He learns the small details from his father.
  • A father ensures his son is comfortable in the attire he is wearing.
  • The son always looks up being a Xerox copy of his father.
  • At Pothys, the father and son can look exactly the same, where we showcase pure silk shirts for men and kids that makes you look classy.

A bond that is embraced - Mother and Daughter

A mother and daughter relationship is a special bond and will only grow stronger as time goes by. The cathexis between the mother and daughter is the great unwritten story. The Mother-Daughter relationship is the truest form of celebration. In case of any need, the daughter will always and will look up to her mother first. It’s natural that women love to dress and share the same with their daughter. At Pothys, we design dress that the mother-daughter duo can share in their own respective sizes. The mother and daughter bond is celebrated by the beautiful clothing outfits been shown;

  • Let it be wedding, a first saree or any ceremony, the daughter always dresses and styles like how her mother does.
  • She learns the art of carrying herself elegantly and looking traditional at the same time.
  • The mother and daughter is a one kind of relationship, where love has no boundaries.
  • At Pothys, we are embracing the love by showing a wide range of collections for a mother and her daughter that always keeps them connected inspite any odds.

You can simply heighten the overall experience of such a bond when you choose an attire from our exclusive father-son & mother-daughter collection. On the festive occasion of Diwali, Pothys wish to fulfill the strongest urge of a woman to look stylish, different and unique has created the need to design such dresses that can be worn by both mother and daughter. Check us out online today.

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